10 Benefits of Birdwatching

Escrito em 21 de junho de 2022

10 Benefits of Birdwatching

Birdwatching brings us multiple benefits, whether we practice it as a pastime, fun hobby or in a more serious way, whether alone, among friends or with family. 

Even if just for a few minutes, being in nature gives us the feeling of calming down and renewal. 

In some places, birding is already medical advice as a way to fight mental and physical health issues. 

For those who already do it, you know that one of the reasons you keep on doing it is because it feels good. 

Nevertheless, let’s go through some of the possible benefits of birdwatching.

1 - Physical Health

Birding encourages people to get outside and explore their neighbourhood or nearby park. So, even without noticing, you will be increasing your cardio activity, during your birding walks. But, even if you walk around in your garden or even stand still for some time observing birds, it will help your vascular system and help prevent dementia symptoms, particularly in older people. 

In this category, we can go more specific and mention what exactly birdwatching can helps to prevent, for example, obesity, cardiovascular diseases, blood pressure, dementia, and sleeping problems.

2 - Mental Health

Birdwatching is a hobby that can help your mental health. Following the birds and focusing on their sounds and behaviours keep our minds distracted from anything else. Our minds will leave the problems of the daily routine behind. 

Again, here we can go into more detailed topics where studies have shown birdwatching will help you out. Anxiety, stress, depression, and memory loss are some examples of mental health issues you can prevent with your pair of binoculars.

Man and woman doing birdwatching together.

3 - Improves relationships

Whether with your life partner, best friend or family, birdwatching can be a great common hobby to do together. Spending time outdoors will strengthen your bond, improve communication and provide many moments of joy. Also, sharing a common interest is a good way to have and maintain a healthy relationship.

4 - Increase in Vitamin D

One of the direct benefits of getting outdoor to birdwatch is the increase in vitamin D levels. Sun exposure will help your body produce more vitamin D, which is vital for boosting your brain and immune system and strengthening your bones.

5 - Increases self-esteem and confidence

Man doing some sea birdwatching alone.


Birdwatching is a good way to boost your confidence and self-esteem, by learning new skills and having new experiences outdoors. 

While you are building up your skills and knowledge of birds, you will get a sense of achievement and self-worth. And as you will soon realise, birding has a vast learning opportunity, for example, by increasing bird identification to a new challenge or mastering in new equipment. 

Also, if you decide to get involved in citizen science projects, your sense of purpose and meaning grows alongside the previous ones mentioned. 

6 - Increase joy and laughter

A good birdwatching experience can bring intense feelings of joy. The sensation of fulfilment when you see a rare bird or when you spot a bird nesting in your yard can be unique.

Watching the birds' behaviour, alone or together with other birders, can bring you many hours of entertainment and even laughter. 

7 - Reduces loneliness and increases the change of making new friends

Even if you enjoy birdwatching alone, it can still improve feelings of isolation, as being in nature and hearing all the animals around you can help you feel more connected than ever to something bigger than yourself.

On the other hand, birdwatching is a great way to meet new people and make new friends. Either by seeing fellow birders out there on your daily birding or through online platforms such as social media. Having a shared interest is a great way to start conversations with people and get to know them more.

Group of friends doing birdwatching together.

8 - Connection with nature

Having a connection with nature can improve your knowledge of yourself. Nowadays we’re disconnected from nature, and with this comes a disconnect from ourselves and our wellbeing.

Birdwatching helps us connect to nature, whether directly through our interest and bond to the birds or indirectly by immersing ourselves in the outdoors.


9 - Wildlife Conservation

When you learn about the wildlife around you, you will feel the willingness to protect them. That’s what happens when you start birdwatching, where you quickly develop a sense of protection over these marvellous flying creatures. 

10 - Inspire new generations

Now more than ever, as our world becomes more involved with environmental changes, it’s the perfect timing for you to start inspiring a new generation with your knowledge. Being a mentor passing your passion and teaching your birdwatching knowledge to a new generation is a great legacy.

Through birdwatching, your child or pupils will learn the values of nature and the importance of respecting it. Teach them and let them explore for themselves the leave no trace principles, like keeping distance, leaving natural elements in their place, and so on.

Father and son enjoying some birdwatching together in the woods.