6 Gift Ideas for Birdwatchers

Escrito em 08 de dezembro de 2021

6 Gift Ideas for Birdwatchers

It's Christmas time and we have some suggestions for you to offer your favourite birdwatcher.


1. Phone Scope Digiscoping Adapter 

You don't need an amazing camera to take some bird shots. With a phone scope adapter, you will be able to easily take photos from your binoculars or telescope.

When buying this type of equipment you have to consider the binoculars/telescope you use, particularly the diameter of the ocular, and also the phone model and brand.

Some examples:

. Amazon - Phone Scope Complete Digiscoping Kit

. Gadwall - PhoneCam - Complete Digiscoping Adapter Kit


2. Bird Feeder or Nest Box

This gift is great for those who like to see birds from their backyards. A simple bird feeder or nest box will improve the chances of birds coming to your garden.

You can always do it yourself, but alternatively, you can find a big range of prices and models for these. Our suggestions are:

. RSPB - Apex Bird Nestbox

. CJ - Bird Feeders

3. Sponsor a Wild Bird or a Conservation Program

Birdwatchers and bird lovers are always available to help wildlife. So offer something different, original and kind by sponsoring a wild bird or conservation project in the name of your friend.

For example:

RIAS - Wildlife Sponsorship Campaign

RSPB membership

Birdlife Membership - World Bird Club


4. BackPack System Connector

This is a very affordable, but incredibly useful gift. The backpack system connector is a set of adjustable strings that easily secures a camera or binoculars to a neck strap or backpack. 

The are several options available, such as:

. OP/TECH USA Reporter/Backpack System Connectors


5. Bird Calendar

If your friend already has all the equipment he/she needs, you can opt for a different gift that is bird-themed: a bird calendar. Calendars are always useful to have in the house or the office and if it has birds on it is even better.

. RSPB Calendars

. Audubon Birds in the Garden Wall Calendar 2022


6. Field Journal or Notebook

Does your friend like to register his/her bird observations? If so, a new field journal or field notebook is always a good idea. There are several options, but these are our suggestions:

. Fieldnotes Brand - Customizable Notebook

. B Journal Editions - Birdwatching Journal 



We hope this article helped you to find a different and original Christmas gift for a family member or friend. Feel free to reach us on our social media for sharing more ideas and let us know which one you chose and how it worked out as a gift.