The Best Christmas Presents 2022 for a Birdwatcher

Escrito em 27 de novembro de 2022

The Best Christmas Presents 2022 for a Birdwatcher

Once again, it’s Christmas time! So, if you have a birdwatcher you would like to give a present to, here are our suggestions for 2022.

1. Bird Field Guide

A bird field guide is one of the first things every bird enthusiast should have. If the person you want to buy the gift to is a beginner, this could be the more accessible, cheaper and, at the same time, most valuable gift you could think of. If, on the other hand, the person already has enough field guides, maybe it’s time to offer them a field guide to their dream birding destination, for instance, South Africa or Central America. 

Some examples:

. Collins Bird Guide

. Birds of Central America 


2. Sound Recorder

As you may know, some birds, such as Warblers, are difficult to identify only through observation. So, this gift is great for those stepping forward on bird identification and moving into the sounds of the birds.

Recording the sounds will not only help them develop their hearing and learn the sounds quicker but also allow them to compare to the species they suspect of. Nowadays, several applications can support birders, but recording the sound with proper equipment will guarantee better results.

Our suggestions are:

. Portable Handheld Recorder - NHBS

. Digital Voice Recorder - Amazon



3. Conservation Program Membership

Birdwatchers and bird lovers are always available to help wildlife. So offer something different, original and kind by sponsoring a wild bird or conservation project in your friend's name.

For example:

. RIAS - Wildlife Sponsorship Campaign

. RSPB membership

. Birdlife Membership - World Bird Club

4. Outdoor Clothing

People who love birds are inevitably spending time outdoors. And, in order to spend some quality time outdoors, having suitable clothing is crucial. So, analyse what the person might need in terms of clothing and offer them a piece of clothing or even a pack of different things. 

There are several options, but here are some examples:

. Hiking Socks

. Waterproof boots

. Outdoor resistant pants

. Breathable outdoor shirts

. Winter/raincoat jacket

. Hat, gloves, buff

5. Bird Books

If the person is really passionate about birds, we are sure they will enjoy any book related to birds will do a great gift. You may even know what group of birds the person is more into, for example, seabirds, raptors, or something else in particular, like bird habitats, migrations, or feather identification. 

Some possibilities:

. Flight Identification of Raptors

. All the Birds of the World

. Seabirds


6. Field Journal or Notebook

Does your friend like to register their bird observations? If so, a new field journal or field notebook is always a good idea. There are several options, but these are our suggestions:

. Fieldnotes Notebook - B Journal Editions

. B Journal Editions - Birdwatching Journal



We hope this article helped you to find a different and original Christmas gift for a family member, friend or birdwatching buddy. In the last case, if none of the options above is suitable, buy them a bottle of wine with a bird on the label and enjoy it while talking about birds. Believe us. It is a lovely way of spending time speaking about this passion. 

Feel free to reach us on our social media to share more ideas and let us know which one you chose and how it worked out as a gift.