• Beginners Pack
  • Beginners Pack
  • Beginners Pack
  • Beginners Pack
  • Beginners Pack

Beginners Pack

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A complete pack for you to start recording your observations!

Includes - Birdwatching Journal + Field Notebook + E-book Birdwatching Hotspots of the Western Palearctic 

1) Birdwatching Journal

This journal was designed to be a simple yet complete tool to register all your field observations. It is resistant and easy to use during your birdwatching trips, but it can also be used at home for you to put in order your quick field notes. 

This book has three main sections:

- Field List to record everything about your birdwatching trips; 

- Life List: Bird Species - describe in detail species from your field observations;

- Western Palearctic Birds Checklist

This book features:

. A5 size  

. 120+ Pages 

. Hard, durable cover to use outdoors


2) Field Notebook

This notebook is perfect to carry on your pocket.

You can use it to write down your notes in the field whenever you do not have your Birdwatching Journal with you.

 Notebook features:

. A6 size  

. Blank pages

. Recycled paper

. Hardcover

3) E-book Birdwatching Hotspots of the Western Palearctic

This e-book presents you with important birdwatching hotspots all over the Western Palearctic Region. We want you to know that the intention is to give you an idea of the most appropriate locations using some of the most relevant hotspots.

--> More than 60 pages with subregion maps, photos and lists of target species.


OFFER: E-Book Birdwatching for Beginners - How to get started?