B Journal Editions aims to inspire people to practice outdoor activities. We want people to enjoy nature, feel connected to it, know it, respect it and protect it. In addition, we want people to create and register memorable moments in nature.




Our belief

We can gain significant benefits by spending more time in nature. It can reduce stress, boost our mood and help fight anxiety, to mention a few. Of course, any excuse is suitable for being outdoors, but birdwatching can add some extra advantages.

Birdwatching can help you connect with nature, and the more you know the birds around you, the more you will respect them and want to protect them and their ecosystems. Birdwatching will make you pay closer attention to nature.

Birds are great ambassadors for the natural world. They are easier to spot than other wildlife groups (like reptiles or mammals), and you can see them in your backyard. Plus, spending time observing birds is excellent for your physical, mental, and emotional health. Looking for birds gets you outside in the fresh air and gets you moving. You will also be stimulating your brain. How? You must hone your senses, learn to observe tiny details, and train your memory to learn the names and habitats of many species.


Our Key values

  •  Respect Wildlife
  •  Knowledge for everyone
  •  Connect people and nature


Our Birdwatching Journal is easy to use for all ages and experience levels.


Why we created the Birdwatching Journal?

We believe that keeping a birdwatching journal improves your birdwatching experience in several aspects. Keeping notes about field observations can help you improve your birding skills, make your observations more valuable for yourself and science, and keep your memories for posterity. 

There are different ways to take notes on your observations. For example, you can use a notebook to collect various data (like size, distinctive markings, habitual movements and flight behaviour of the species observed), make lists of the species observed, make sketches, etc. Some people also use phone apps to register their observations. All options offer advantages, but we felt none was complete.

A woman's hand holding the Birdwatching Journal closed, outside.


So, the Birdwatching Journal was born.

We created a journal that can be used everywhere, at every time and by everyone. You can use this journal for birding in your backyard or a birding trip to a specific place. This journal can be used either in the field or at home (rewrite your field notes). And it fills both beginners and experienced birders needs.

If you are a beginner, this journal will help you know what important information you should register in your observations. Besides, if you fill all the fields in the journal, you will have all information you need to identify the bird you spotted. Either by yourself using guides and websites or asking other people for help on internet platforms or social media.

If you are an experienced birder, you will find the journal a complete tool for your records. Plus, it still has some space for sketches and other notes you may want to add. In addition, the way it is organized will add some value to your notes, making it easier to find and making it more appealing to go back to every time you wish to remember a remarkable observation. Moreover, it will also help you share your data with other people or on online platforms.


Our Journal is…

- Easy and practical - It can be used by everyone, from 8 to 80, from beginner to experts;

- Complete - You can register all essential information about the place and the species you observe;

- Minimalist - Appealing minimalist design;

- Suitable for outdoor use - Its hardcover and good quality pages make it durable and practical to use in the field.  



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Birds teach a great life lesson. All you need to do is listen to their song.