• How is the journal designed?

The Birdwatching Journal is divided into three sections:

- The “Field List” where you can record everything about your birdwatching trips, from location, date, weather conditions to the bird species observed.

- The section “Life List: Bird Species” is ideal for you to get to know better all species you see for the first time. It will also help you take important notes if you cannot identify a particular species.

- The last section of the journal, “Western Palearctic Birds Checklist”, will help you keep track of all the species you observe. 

For a smoother and easier use of the journal, apart from the three main sections, you will also find a calendar, a how to use this journal section, and location and species indexes.


  • What information can I find in this birdwatching journal?

The Birdwatching Journal has three main sections:

- Field List - to record everything about your birdwatching trips, such as location, date, and list of bird species observed.

- Life List: Bird Species - to describe in detail species from your field observations. You can also add information on the habitat, behaviour, and number of birds. Finally, you will find a blank space for sketching or any additional note you may find interesting to record.

- Western Palearctic Birds Checklist – list of all the common bird species in the Western Palearctic for you to tick all your sights.


  • Is the journal suitable to use in the field?

Yes. The Birdwatching Journal has a hardcover and good quality pages, so it is appropriate to use outdoors. However, you should take precautions if you want it to last longer, like pack it well inside your bag and avoid using it in the rain.

  • Where should I use this journal?

Everywhere. It is totally up to you where you use this journal. Its design will allow you to either use it directly in the field or later at home. It is easy to use during your field observations, where you can fill in all the information at the moment. But it is also possible to use it at home to organise all the field notes you made during your birdwatching trip.


  • When should I use this journal?

Whenever you go outdoors for birdwatching, this journal can be used in all kinds of bird observation. You can record everything about your birdwatching trips or describe in detail your field observations. Either you are birding around your place or city or planning a birding trip to somewhere else. 

  • Can a birdwatcher beginner use this journal?

Yes. If you are a beginner, this journal is perfect for you! You don’t need any previous knowledge to start using it. The journal will help you know what important information you should register in your observations. For example, if you fill all the fields in the journal, you will have all information you need to identify the bird you spotted.


  • Can a birdwatcher expert use this journal?

Yes, of course! The journal is complete in terms of information, and it still has some space for sketches or other notes you may want to add. In addition, its features will add some value to your notes, making it easier to find previous records, either to remember a remarkable observation or to share the data with other twitchers or online platforms.

  • How can I use this journal?

In the journal, you will find an initial segment explaining how you can fill all the main sections. This journal can be used to record everything about your birdwatching trips or describe in more detail particular species with data such as behaviours, vocalisations or habitats. 




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