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Couples Pack

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Buy two  - one for you and one for your birdwatching buddy - and save 10€!


Do you love birdwatching? We love it too! Here is the Birdwatching Journal you were looking for. This journal was designed to be a simple and yet complete tool to register all your field observations. It is resistant and easy to use during your birdwatching trips, but it can also be used at home for you to put in order your quick field notes. 

This book has three main sections:

- Field List - to record everything about your birdwatching trips, like location, date, and list of bird species observed.

- Life List: Bird Species - describe in detail species from your field observations. You can add information on the habitat, behaviour, the number of birds, and any additional note or sketch.

- Western Palearctic Birds Checklist - a list of common bird species in this region for you to tick all your sights.

This book features:

. A5 size  

. 120+ Pages 

. Hard, durable cover to use outdoors

. Free BONUS "Birdwatching Hotspots of the Western Palearctic" E-book (exclusive for purchases on the website)


This Journal is:

- Easy and practical - It can be used by everyone, from 8 to 80, from beginner to experts;

- Complete - You can register all essential information about the place and the species you observe;

- Minimalist - Appealing minimalist design;

- Suitable for outdoor use - Its hardcover and good-quality pages make it durable and practical to use in the field. 

This Journal makes a great gift both for children and adults, either beginners or experienced birdwatchers. Get a copy today and take your friends, partner or child on a birdwatching adventure!