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Acquire our two e-books: "Best Birdwatching Locations in Portugal" and "Birdwatching Hotspots of the Western Palearctic", for a special price.



The Western Palaearctic is part of the Palaearctic realm, one of the eight biogeographic realms dividing the Earth's surface. The region is composed of Europe, the Middle East, and North Africa. Its exact boundaries differ depending on the authority in question.

Total described species for the WP (including rarities): 1048

This e-book presents you with 50 important birdwatching hotspots all over the Western Palearctic Region. The intention is to give you an idea of the most appropriate locations using some of the most relevant hotspots.

These 50 places are divided into 7 subregions: Northern Europe, Central Europe, Eastern Europe, Southern Europe, North Africa, the Middle East and Caucasus Region.

 More than 60 pages with subregion maps, photos and lists of target species.



This e-book presents you with some of the most important birdwatching locations in Portugal. We intend to offer you a perspective of the main regions of the country and their most relevant birdwatching areas for you to visit.


In this document, the locations are divided among five main regions of Portugal, including the islands in the Atlantic Ocean. Within each sub-region or province, the locations and suggestive hotspots geographically closer are combined in the same areas.


Some of the aspects considered for the selection of regions and locations were: the number of species registered, species diversity, geographic location, and main habitats. On the other hand, the compilation of the location into the regions follows main habitats and geographic location as leading criteria.