Birdwatching Essential Gear

Escrito em 22 de dezembro de 2021

Birdwatching Essential Gear

In order to start birdwatching, you are not required to have much equipment. In fact, the most important for a beginner is a good vision (or other alternative senses) and a willingness to go outside and explore. 

More than thinking of spending money on the first equipment you come across, you should consider spending time outside first. 

Nonetheless, there are two or three things you should take into account for your start. They are a pair of binoculars, a field guide, a journal and a field notebook (check our previous articles about each subject on each link). 



Vulgarly, people wonder whether they should get more gear after purchasing these three main pieces of equipment. And the truth is, you can be a birdwatcher for a lifetime with just these three things!

But, of course, this will always depend on the goals of each birder. If you want to dive deeper into this sport/hobby, other equipment can obviously assist you at this stage. 

Gear like a camera or an audio recorder are examples of useful tools that people can have to register and confirm their sights and a spotting scope for more advanced birding. 



Finally, remember that you should try to start as basic as possible, focusing on studying guides and practising in the field by identifying and comparing common birds around you. Then, you can gradually go deeper with more developed equipment. 

Enjoy your first steps! We are here to help you in your journey.